Villa Park Office Equipment

Lombard, IL

Type:30,000 sf furniture showroom, offices
Services:architectural design, bid/permit acquisition
Materials:High Volume / Low Speed ceiling fans,
translucent wall panels, EIF system, steel

When VPOE made the decision to compliment their used office furniture business with new product line systems, the need to compliment their existing warehouse with a more upscale furniture showroom was born. As an expansion to the existing building, the new facility was to be built over a water retention basin thereby exposing the underside of the floor to the cold of winter. The client requested an energy efficient structure both to limit operating costs and to aid in their marketing strategy. New offices for VPOE's interior design department overlooking the showroom floor are also part of the new space.

The design solution incorporated large diameter 'High Volume / Low Speed' (HV/LS) ceiling fans located in coffered clerestories that would imperceptibly direct large quantities of heated air down to the floor in winter & up to the vented clerestories in the summer thereby substantially reducing HVAC operating costs. The use of translucent wall panels was incorporated in the design to maximize natural diffused daylight into the space thereby reducing electrical lighting costs while exhibiting the products 'in a good light'. Both energy efficient systems combine to make the strong sustainable design statement the client desired. The project is scheduled for construction in 2011.